Today was the first class of WEB701. Before the class I had a quick read of the course outline and I was excited about the implementation of CMS’s which I have not used before.

I am also excited about project 2 which is a tailored assignment where we can research a emerging web technology and implement it. On first thoughts I wondered about researching ElasticSearch which I know is a popular search technology however I have only read about it briefly and so will research more of it tonight.

We got into groups with Todd mixing up local and international students. In my group is:

  • Jonathan
  • James
  • Barry

Our first group task was to write up some questions for Kelvin Spark from Nelson Data Service who is the web client coming to talk to us tomorrow. We based these questions on what we will need to know to perform information architecture analysis to ensure we are building a relevant and effective website for Nelson Data Services.

We wrote 15 questions and placed them on a Google Doc which all members of the team have access to.