Today we had Kelvin Sparks from Nelson Data Systems come to answer questions from the different teams in the class to determine client requirements and to be able to perform information architecture analysis.

Our group had a collection of 18 different questions which I had checked last night to make sure they covered all aspects of the information architecture analysis report.

The things we found out today were:

  1. What web pages would you like? e.g About, contact us, etc? Yes
  2. What is the likely occupation visitors of the site will have? Business champion who is determined to get the project done
  3. For marketing/publicity, what social media (if any) would you want to use?  Yeah be interested. But new for the company.
  4. Who are your primary competitors? Not answered
  5. When someone enters the site what do you want to greet them, and what do you want them to do? Not answered
  6. Do you want a contact/inquiry form? Yes. Name address and query
  7. What contact details do you want displayed? Contact form not email address
  8. Are there any solutions that we can display on the site for potential clients to see? Not answered
    1. Can we have access to test examples for screen shots, etc? Not answered
  9. What do you like about your competitors sites? Not answered
  10. How big is the company? 3 members
    1. How do you want people to feel about your business? Small business feel with personal bios
    2. How would you feel promoting the professionalism and Nelson location of your business  through profiling your staff’s competencies and what they love about living in Nelson? Yes he’s open to this
  11. Do you have any copyright/privacy statements you want us to comply with? Kelvin will have to ask permission of clients in order to include previous projects and their testimonials.
  12. When building a bespoke database solution what is the process Nelson Data Systems goes through? Not answered
  13. Do you have any marketable stats? E.g customer satisfaction.  Being a small company it is easier to promote customer feedback rather than stats.
  14. What is the overall purpose of the site?  Gets message across in data space, and get the job done.
  15. What is Nelson Data Systems mission statement?  Motto: Don’t limits your challenges challenge your limits, Motto2: The person who says it can’t be done can’t interrupt the person who’s doing it
  16. How does your business differ from the rest? Get alongside customer and to find out their requirements and guarantee delivery. Lower overheads due to not been based in Wellington
  17. Do you have any specific images/text to implement as content for the site? A green theme is effective because it reflects the environmental data manipulation work we have done for the Department of Conservation.
  18. How is your organization structured? Not answered