Today we worked on deploying our WordPress website and database to a remote server.

  • Backup of DB on local – You can run the mysqldump command (mysqldump –databases bitnami_wordpress > KMHdump.sql -u root -p) in the command terminal in the C:\Administration\xampp\mysql\bin directory.

This command dumps the contents of the db into the specified sql file to the right of the >. What this is doing is you are dumping the contents of the db on SQL script, which can be run to recreate the database).

  • Transfer DB to destination – Use SCP (Secure Copy) secure method of transferring files between systems basically like ftp. ftp is not secure. You can use scp if you have a ssh server to move files securely without fuss.
  • Copy web folder to destination – You have to recreate the db in the destination machine.

I downloaded WinSCP.

In WinSCP after Todd created a database and account for our group I wrote in:


username: bluesky


Then I navigated into the public_html directory and I copied across the zipped WordPress directory and then used Jonathan’s excellent instructions to create a custom unzip command.

After unzipping the folder I navigated to the unzipped directory in my web browser:

In my command prompt I had to ssh into the server:


mysql -u bluesky -p < wordpressKMH.sql


unzip wordpressKMH