Today we worked further on deploying our website:

Some web servers don’t have .htaccess feature but what it does is it allows you to set the permissions on who can access specific files. It also allows you to do a remapping on a specific request on a particular area.

We need to have both websites to be deployed to the bigears web server by Thursday this week.

The dates for when the practice and actual milestone one are due has been changed to:

Practice –  Due 31 March
Actual milestone one WEB IA – Due 13 April

Note: Milestone two – We must justify why we are using the CMS we want to use.

Assignment 2 examples:

  • Use a full-stack framework you haven’t used before then you can implement that
  • 3D rendering on a website
  • A technology you haven’t used before such as new Asp.NET new MVC framework

Assignment 2 is an investigation (understand it) and build it (implement it).

The investigation will answer:

  • How it works
  • What it does
  • How it relates to other technology

We will need to discuss our topic with Todd, and make a 1/2 to full page research proposal. 800-1000 word report to introduce the technology, how you implemented it, and the effect of the technology on the internet.