Yesterday because I had a screaming migraine I decided that I couldn’t attend the WEB701 class and instead I stayed at home to recover.

However I will cover what I have done for WEB over the weekend, on Sunday I finished the milestone 1 for assignment 1 which is the IA report. I am happy with the report I have completed and feel that I considered all the user requirements and factored them into the design of the website.

Either today or tommorow I will start milestone two which is a comparison of Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress CMS’s; I don’t think that will be too hard but I want to do further research on the three CMS’s so that my CMS comparison is different to (i.e. I am going to make it different so there is not a copy of the group report as Todd did not want that)/more thorough than the group CMS comparison I did.

Thinking about assignment 2 I thought I would research and implement Elasticsearch which is a open source search engine and data store which uses indexes instead of tables and is built on the search library Lucene.

As I feel better today I will be attending the WEB class.