In last lesson the due dates for assignment 1 were changed, so the new due dates are:

Assignment 1 milestone one is due on the 5 May – This includes a IA report, and pulling apart the requirements in the information in the Course Outline.

Milestone two is due on the 19th of May – CMS comparison report.

Assignment 2

It allows us to research a web topic and implement it in our website. We need to write a email proposal stating “for my assignment 2 I would like to work with ..”

e.g. ” I would like to learn and implement an open source search engine, and so I would like to develop a Elasticsearch data store back-end (that uses inverted indexes instead of a relational database) to a dynamic MVC website with a search functionality”

The rest of today’s class was troubleshooting our WordPress instances on the bigears2 and newsimland servers.