Today we talked about web  standards and accessibility if you are using a CMS and framework, we have to investigate if it is producing standard code making the code rendereable, and understandable.

The main web standard organization is w3 (, they make  recommendations and the web browsers make recommendations. To make the websites accessible the responsibility is on you, this is often enforced by law in many countries.

In our WEB701 milestone 2we need to talk about web accessibility (making our website accessible to people with disabilities) and standards ( to determine if the code in the CMS is valid, standard based code). Checking if the code from each CMS is based on standards can be checked using web validator tools (

To expand upon Web accessibility it means the website must be used by everyone , i.e. blind people need to be able to use the website, color blind people need to be able to use the website.

Blind people can view websites by having a plugin which speaks to the blind person reading out the content and the web levels. e.g. “Main title “Standardistas alphabet”

According to w3 to make your website accessible you should:

  • Provide text alternatives for any non-text content
  • Alternative to time based media – Having subtitles for  videos/audio
  • Make content accessible through the keyboard – i.e. allow the user to navigate in the site without having to use a mouse


We need to use Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in our milestone 2.