Today in class we had Kevin Sparks from Nelson Data System arrive to discuss the changes he wants to our websites.

I saw that the class I was unable to attend yesterday was the installation of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal on the newsimland or bigears2 servers. Because Todd has put the instruction file up on Moodle I will follow it and install these CMS’s on Thursday afternoon.

I have installed the Drupal server on my local server for the third time which is not available through the URL localhost:82 but instead it is on a different Apache port in this case port 81.

So to load Drupal you need to go to:

In the feedback for Nelson Data Systems we decided to we needed to get access to the administration area in order to get the images working and too add the new content that Kelvin has sent through. A few weeks ago Todd helped me change the administrative user permissions so they have full access, however the Administrative dashboard is not being displayed due to the template we used to make the website was a custom template and so we have a bug in the template.

I have checked the template that Jonathan used to build this site and it is no different to mine that I used to build the Kiss Me Hardy website (which does display the Administrative dashboard successfully). So this is still troubleshooting in progress.

After Kevin left we worked on our web milestones.