Today in class we started working on our WEB701 project 2. I have been writing emails to Todd over the last few days regarding the project I want to do which is the implementation and integration of the open source RESTful API search engine into a MVC website built with Laravel.

I clarified with Todd how the user experience for the search functionality will work so that it is not too predefined. Instead of restricting a user to searching in three different input fields for specimen name (e.g. copper), source location (e.g. copper creek), or country (e.g. Canada), I am going to allow the user to search using any search term in a single input search box and a curl query will be sent to the Elasticsearch cluster and will check the whole Lucene inverted index to find a any matches for the search term.

Todd has approved and is happy with my project so I spent the rest of the lesson writing up the initial project documentation for my project.