Today Todd wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t have class, he said in his Moodle message to keep working on our WEB701 project 2.

Well over the weekend I made good progress with this assignment I was working through many different tutorials most of which were out of date, however I managed to find this one:

I worked through this tutorial which got you to build a laravel app with a sqlite database and then index the database with Elasticsearch so you can integrate Elasticsearch search functionality into your laravel app.

The final outcome is a laravel site containing sample data (generated using the Faker service) with Elasticsearch search functionality (see below screenshot). Here I am searching for the word qui and there are 10 matching articles out of 50 that exist with the keyword qui.

working search.PNG

This is an example of Federated searching because the user can write in title or article body search terms and the search will find matching results. Now all I need to do is take the learning from this tutorial and apply it to the Rock and Mineral site and finish off the report and I will have finished project 2.