Today in class we discussed our WEB701 project 1. I have already finished my milestone 1 which already matches the template for the IA report on the WEB701 Moodle site.

New requirements for the website are:

  • Executive summary
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Around 10 growers are required to be profiled on the Auckland Branch of Wool NZ
  • The auction area needs to be like TradeMe, rather than the live auction in PGGWrighson
  • We need to know who won the bid in the auction area
  • We can do either the Dutch style auction (start high and go down), or upward auction (start low and go up)
  • Logo for the website should reflect the Auckland location like the City of Sails
  • Colour scheme should be white and green reflecting the clean, green New Zealand image – I have already implemented this.

What gets calculated by the wool value calculator is Auckland wool mark, Todd is developing the calculator for us.

A finer fibre, cleaner colour, and higher staple strength is a higher value in wool value calculator.

Then we started talking about Milestone two. I have started this milestone; I have written about what a CMS is and I have written about Joomla CMS.